Domestic Appliances

At JB Roberts Electrical we can fit any type of washing machine for an affordable price. Additionally, we are able to repair any washing machine and source any replacement part where required. Washing machines are a vital component of modern living as they provide a convenient way of cleaning clothes. As this appliance requires water and electricity to flow through it at the same time, it is vital that this is fitted by a professional as it can be a serious hazard if not.

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Washer Dryers

We can also fit any washer dryers into your home. Washer Dryers are an even more convenient way of washing your clothes as they allow you to dry them in the same machine once the wash cycle has complete. This not only makes life easier for you, but can also help to reduce your expenditure. Rather than having to buy two separate machines, you only need one, plus it will reduce the amount of energy that you are using. We are also able to repair any broken washer dryers, whether it’s an issue with the water not draining or the water is leaking everywhere, JB Roberts Electrical is available 24/7 for your Domestic Appliance repair needs.


Additionally, here at JB Roberts Electrical we can fit your dishwasher in a professional manner. Any mess that is produced whilst the work is being complete is cleared away. Dishwashers are another extremely convenient appliance, which can also help reduce your water usage. Furthermore, we are able to repair any dishwasher issues that you may have to make sure that you pots, pans and plates are coming out good as new!

Fridge Freezers

Keep your food fresh! At JB Roberts Electrical we can fit or repair any type of fridge freezer for an affordable price. It is important that your fridge freezer is fitted professionally; a fridge that doesn’t work is basically a cupboard! We can also repair any fridge freezer by replacing any faulty parts. This is vital to the general maintenance of your kitchen as it reduces the risk of any potential hazards, as well as making sure your food is kept fresh!


Quick and convenient, microwaves have become an important modern day kitchen appliance. At JB Roberts we can fit your microwave, including running the supply wire through the back of your kitchen surfaces. This reduces clutter, and the risk of causing damage to the wiring. We can also repair your microwave, leaving it as good as new. We can source any replacement parts, only requiring the brand and model of the microwave.

Ovens and Grills

At JB Roberts in Walthamstow, Chingford, North and East London, we can fit any type of oven or grill in your kitchen. Again it is important that any oven or grill is fit by a professional as an oven that has been fitted incorrectly can be a serious hazard. Here at JB Roberts Electrical, we are also able to repair any ovens or grills. Whether the fan has broken, or the heating element is failing, you can be certain that JB Roberts Electrical are available at any time of day or night, 7 days a week, to get you cooking again.